Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Don't Abandon Your Pets

Here is a piccollage I made because I want to help abandoned pets. If you find an abandoned pet you should look after it for a couple of days then take it to the SPCA.

Stop Polluting the Ocean!

Bonjour, my name is Atalia from C6 and we have been learning about make a difference. We're learning how to make a difference to not just our lives, but animals lives. I have made an animoto about water pollution and if you want to help animals live longer - watch my animoto to see what you can do to help! 

My Animoto

Don't Abandon Your Pets

Hi my name is Precious and I made my picollage to tell people to stop abandoning their pets.
If you abandon pets they won't feel like they have a home and won't feel safe.
If you find an abandoned pet, you should look after it, by making sure it feels like part of the family and give it food, water and shelter.

Save the Animals by Eason

My name is Eason and I made a tellagami in my language Mandarin. The tellagami is about looking after animals.


The Most Endangered Animal

Rhinos are almost extinct because people are poaching them for their horns. One way you can help rhinoceros is to donate to an organization that works with rhinos.

By Leilah

How to Stop People From Poaching by Devon

Hi, my name is Devon. Here is a piccollage I made about poaching for animal skins. Two ways you can stop animal poaching is to get in contact with the Government and to stop buying clothes from poached animals.

Save the Animals: How to look after your pets.

My name is Ashley and this is a video about what to feed to your pet. I know a lot of people are feeding their pets in the wrong way, so I made a video to help you out.